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Home Buyer’s Beware!!!

Are you feeling like you need to wait to buy a home because everyone is saying we due for a downturn of the market.  Are we in another bubble?  NOT TRUE!!  The statistics are saying home prices in the Valley of the Sun are still holding steady and rising at a very healthy 3-5% rate […]

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Housing Reports to Watch

Monday, June 23rd, the National Association of Realtor published it’s existing-homes sales statistics for May, which rose 4.9%.  It was the biggest gain since 2011, and a back to back increase from April, when sales rose 1.5%.  The figure was good news, not only for the housing market, which looked stalled in march, but for […]

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Optimism Among Homeowners Continues

http://www.dsnews.com/articles/gallup-more-americans-expect-to-see-prices-rise-2013-04-22 A recent Gallop pole confirms that more Americans expect home prices to rise in their areas for the first time since 2007.  :ast year only 33% felt that optimism which is a testament to the visible recovery in the housing market in 2013.  Residents in the Western states show the most positive outlook where […]

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