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Housing Experienced a Supply and Demand Conflict in May

The housing market experience experienced a “conflict” between supply and demand in May as increased home values resulted in sales, which subsequently increased supply – but at the same time, lack of affordability and economic uncertainty reduced demand, according to First American Chief Economist Mark Fleming. The market capacity for existing-home sales increased by 0.3 […]

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8 out of 10 Americans Say Owning a Home is a Good Decision

http://www.dsnews.com/articles/eight-in-10-americans-say-homeownership-is-good-financial-decision-2013-07-26 Media surveys confirm that most Americans hold a more positive view of the housing market while an increasing number of renters plan to purchase homes in the near future.   According to the 2013 NAR National Housing Pulse Survey, 80% said they believe buying a home at this time is a good financial decision….up 8% […]

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