Communication is the key to a smooth transaction

icn-fta   In this technology driven society, actually talking to someone in person or on the telephone has become an anomole.  To save time we often resort to emails or texts and forget that personal interaction sometimes can make things happen faster or more smoothly often saving many misunderstandings or confrontations.  I have been involved in several Real Estate transactions lately that have proven this point.  There were a couple of agents who evidently were too busy to listen to voice mail or read a whole email or just didn’t respond when an attempt was made to get or give information important to the transaction.  This not only created delays in what should have been an easy transaction, but also set up an adversarial situation between us that could easily have been avoided with a simple phone call.   Our job is stressful enough without having to resend an email that was never answered or call someone back who never responded to our first call. This also goes for the lenders & escrow officers we deal with on a regular basis.  Having good communication becomes something that is vital to our business and in our lives.

On the other hand I am now in a transaction with a wonderful agent who, like me, always tries to answer her phone when I call whether it’s on a weekend or holiday if it’s anything important.  We are going through some stressful “blips” in the transaction but it is made easier knowing that we are both working together to make it happen.

Next time you want to say something important….don’t email it or tweet it or put it on facebook.  Call someone and talk….or better yet, take them to lunch and visit face to face!!!